What does invoices look like?

What do invoices look like?

Carrier2 highly values its partners. We are always open and transparent towards our customers and we like clarity. That is why we gladly explain to you exactly how our invoicing works and which components an invoice from Carrier2 consists of.


You will receive an invoice once a month for the use of the services of Carrier2. The invoice distinguishes between fixed subscription costs and variable usage costs, such as call costs, as can be seen in this example. For an example of a Carrier2 invoice, click here.

Have insight in your invoices

You can view your invoices by logging in to the Carrier2 portal. When you are logged in, go to “Invoices” and “Open invoices” to get an overview of all your invoices, povided with invoice number, invoice date, the invoice as an attachment in PDF format and possibly a file with Call Detail Records. We wrote an article about how these look like. The invoice overview in the Carrier2 portal will look like this:

All partners of Carrier2 have access to the Carrier2 portal. If you are a Tier-1 or Tier-2 VoIP carrier who would like to interconnect with CARRIER2 to provide A-Z routes and exchange traffic to ensure a continuous flow on all possible routes, we invite you to join us and provide DID services to VoIP operators in and around Europe.

What does invoices look like?