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Carrier2 IP Transit

By getting a fast IP transit connection from Carrier2, you can instantly access more networks with less latency and less hops. Connect to our datacenter in Amsterdam. Carrier2 supports both IPv6 and IPv4 over the same connection at no additional cost, so as soon as you get an IP transit connection from Carrier2, you’re ready to add IPv6 support to your customers.


Benefits and features of Carrier2's IP Transit Service

Full BGP Internet routers with high-speed, high-capability bandwith for Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Operators and Data Centers, Applied Service Providers, and other enterprises. Working with Carrier2 helps u achieve maximim connectivity through high Speed IP services and directly through partners, establishing sessions bypassing other standalone systems. Extensive direct connections and well-established bilateral connections with numerous providers around the world enable load balancing, route optimization, and excellent lobal and regional coverage.

Our carrier-neutral IP transit connectivity solutions are manufactured using a 500 Gbps + IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack network. These are not only ideal solutions for wholesale carriers, cloud service providers, content delivery network operators with their own ASNs and IP addresses, but also SMEs looking for high-quality access to connectivity solutions and the global Internet. It’s also an ideal solution for you.


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