Wholesale DID

Various DID options around the world

Wholesale DID's around the world

When doing business internationally, it is important to be reachable for international customers on local phone numbers. With DIDs or Local numbers (also known as DDIs, geographical and virtual numbers), your customers are able to enter new markets and create new opportunities. Carrier2 in partnership with its global carrier partners has access to Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers from most countries around the world, which can be quickly provisioned and linked to your Carrier2 VoIP lines.

International DID services have become increasingly popular with VoIP operators who seek to create new revenue streams whilst being able to offer customers a virtual presence in other countries, and minimize the cost of bringing calls from international destinations into their local phone numbers

Geographic DID

With it's worldwide network Carrier2 can deliver Geographic DID’s nation-wide or local numbers from almost any country and region around the globe.

Freephone DID

With many years of experience in freephone numbers Carrier2 can deliver Freephone numbers (ITFS) with fixed rates and mobile coverage. ITFS is ideal for companies who wish to establish a local presence with a recognizable number.

Premium DID

Premium rate numbers can be delivered in various countries on all local available rates. Carrier2 offers transparent rating on Premium rate numbers. Premium DID’s are delivered with full cost transparency.

UIFN Number

Carrier2 can deliver UIFN numbers in every available country with good fixed and mobile coverage. UIFN is ideal for companies who wish to establish an international presence with a standard globally recognizable number.

Wholesale DIDs

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