SIP Trunk

Sip trunking

Flexible, high-quality SIP Trunk solutions

Global connectivity for VoIP infrastructure, ready to use in minutes. Carrier2 SIP Trunking makes it easy to connect your existing system to the world in just a few minutes. Over the past few years, Carrier2 has invested in relationships with carriers around the world and expanded our regulatory expertise. This allows us to provide you with one connection, a global provider, for all your business communication.

Our cloud architecture allows you to deploy SIP Trunks around the world and use thousands of SIP Trunks that Carrier2 has active on its platform to start doing business immediately. With Carrier2’s Sip Trunking offering, you can scale up or down with virtually unlimited capacity, but also save costs and operate globally without any hassle!

Are you operating in the IT and/or Telecommunications industry? provides you with premium quality traffic and DID’s (0800/PRS) numbers. Try out and receive a Trunk and/or a platform-login to provide your own SIP-Trunks.

Why choose Carrier2?

Competitive pricing

Carrier2 offers great pricing on SIP Trunk traffic by connecting to direct connections within Europe.

High quality calls

Enjoy premium call quality through our geo-redundant reseller platform. Connect your PBX to our SIP Trunk and make high quality calls at the lowest possible cost

Fast and easy setup

Set up a SIP Trunk fast and easy on the Carrier2 Cloud Reseller platform. You are completely in control.

Ultimate flexibility

Add or remove SIP Trunks in the Carrier2 Cloud Reseller platform in order when needed. Carrier2 offers ultimate flexibility.

Combine with inbound DID's

Buy and connect inbound DID's from various countries to your SIP Trunk easily.

Usage reports

Detailed information about conversations can be important for billing, cost control and fraud prevention. View Call Detail Records, within the Reseller Platform.