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Public and Private IP Voice Interconnect

Carrier2 interconnect solutions

In today’s voice market, you must be able to provide your customers with call services on a truly global scale while maintaining the high degree of call quality that they expect. However, in a competitive and continuously changing industry, you need to be able to do so at a reasonable cost.

If you’re running your own IP voice switch, you’ll need interconnection partners. It supports inbound calls and gives access to transit geographic, mobile, and non-geographic phone numbers. Our interconnect solution enabled you to enter the voice services industry and benefit from all of the advantages that our world-class global network provides.

At Carrier2, we provide two kinds of voice interconnect; Private IP Interconnect and Public IP Interconnect:

Public IP

With Public IP Interconnect you are connected to our network via public internet access, allowing you to join new markets more rapidly and affordably without the need for physical interconnect wires. This is sufficient for almost all providers. We have various security solutions such as a multi-layered firewall or a VPN connection.

Private IP

With Private IP Interconnect, you are directly connected to us in one of our datacenters. Traffic doesn’t go through the public internet. We have a presence in Digital Realy, Global Switch en Equinix in Amsterdam. Or connect with us through DCspine or NLix. Click here to view our network drawing. If you are based in the Netherlands? Go to our Voice Interconnection in The Netherlands page.

For more information about the interconnection service of Carrier2, please fill in the form below. We will send you our A-Z rates and contact you as soon as possible. If you have any question, please ask them in the form as well.

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