Order DIDs in the Carrier2 portal

Order DIDs in the Carrier2 portal

When doing international business, it is important to be available to international clients on local phone numbers. With DIDs or local numbers (also known as DDI, geographic or virtual numbers) your customers can open up new markets and create new opportunities. Carrier2, in partnership with its global carrier partners, has access to DIDs from most countries around the world that can be quickly provisioned and connected to your Carrier2 VoIP lines.

International DID services are becoming increasingly popular with VoIP operators looking to generate new revenue streams while providing their customers with a virtual presence in other countries and minimizing the cost of calling their local phone number from international destinations.

How to order DIDs in the portal?

It is possible to order DIDs inside the Carrier2 portal. Log in via this link. Then go to Phone numbers > New phone number. Now choose from which country you’d like to order a DID. You can also choose the number type, for example, UIFN, Toll-Free, or Geographic. If you want a geographic number from a specific city, you can enter the city name as well.

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If you have selected the desired DID, click Order > Submit. The final step is entering the End-user details. End-user details are required due to local number regulations. Providing invalid information may cause losing the numbers. If additional information needs to be provided this will be requested after your order.

After you in the IT and/or Telecommunications industry? Carrier2 provides you with premium quality traffic and DIDs.

Order DIDs in the Carrier2 portal