How to add and set up SIP Devices?

How to add and set up SIP devices?

We are very proud to have a reseller platform for our partners. With the Carrier2 Cloud Reseller platform, we add value for you and/or your customers. The fully functional Cloud Reseller platform not only offers you control over you SIP devices but also offers you full control over inbound DID’s with control of IVR functionalities.

Add SIP devices

To add a SIP device, go to My Account and press SIP devices. Here you can find all the data of the SIP Account. Also, you can find the option to set up a Voicemail for this device. Always enter the desired phone number in the “Caller number” section. That’s the phone number the customer calls with. Press “Save” to create the SIP Device.

Set up SIP accounts

The best way to set up SIP accounts is to log in via a PC to the IP adress of the device. Navigate to the IP address through your browser. Now a login screen will appear. The correct login details can be required from the VoIP provider. When you’ve entered all the data, click on “Confirm” at the bottom to confirm and save all data. The account is now registered with your VoIP provider. When you see “registered” at the top of the page, that means that the registration was succesful and your customers can call.

If you want to explore all the functionalities of the reseller platform, send an e-mail to to receive a log-in to the reseller platform on trial.

How to add and set up SIP Devices?