Carrier Voice Interconnect & SIP-Trunks

Carrier Voice Interconnect & SIP-Trunks

45% of businesses are already using SIP-Trunking with an increase to 71% predicted by the end of 2025. That means that this year many of your customers will be switching to SIP whether they can get the service from you or not. It’s no wonder that SIP-Trunking is so popular with businesses. It helps them save up to 60% of their communication costs, increase flexibility, and opens up a host of Unified Communications features. Reselling SIP services is a great opportunity to make more money and help your customers at the same time.

Carrier Voice & Interconnect

As a carrier with its own platform, there is a need to handle your voice traffic as efficiently as possible. The Carrier Voice & Interconnect from Carrier2 provides you with exactly that: “reliable traffic and a sharp rating”.

SIP-Trunks of Carrier2

Carrier2 offers SIP-Trunks for every need. Manage your SIP-Trunk, add DID’s and make high-quality calls for a competitive price. The portal in which you can order them is white-label available. Or you can order our SIP-Trunks within our portal, with no setup costs or fixed monthly fees.

Why Carrier2?

Carrier2 offers great pricing on SIP-Trunk traffic by connecting to direct connections within Europe. Because of the redundant wholesale traffic platform, high-quality calls are assured.

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Carrier Voice Interconnect & SIP-Trunks